Today we donated two bikes to SHOUT WSK ( Street Homeless Outreach-Worthing Soup Kitchen ) so that they can carry out deliveries.

They are a registered charity that provides engagement and emergency food for the homeless and vulnerable community in Worthing, west sussex. Their aim is to work towards making homelessness in Worthing a thing of the past.

We are very proud of our volunteers and customers, without them we wouldn't be able to donate money to help local charities or CIC's. This year we are proud to donate £1000 to South Coast Skate Club CIC and  £1000 to Worthing Soup Kitchen.

South Coast Skate Club CIC :-Contact Dale Ray

We are very grateful that you have chosen us. We haven't completely decided where the money will go yet but we have a few options :-

Going towards our outdoor shared space where we will be transforming an old car park into space for all. With art, sculptures, flowers and skateable as well as wheel chair accessible structures.

Updating our boards with new equipment, as some of it needs replacing.

Putting towards costs of the DBS for volunteers.

Putting towards t-shirts for the volunteers.

Materials for the mini ramp we are building in Tarring.

Worthing Soup Kitchen :- Contact Khristina McCormack

Thank you so much. Every penny definitely counts at the moment especially with Christmas around the corner.

Our full name is Shout Wsk, which stands for, Street Homeless Outreach and Worthing Kitchen.

Your donation will go a long way towards helping those who need support in our local community. THANK YOU!

Once again thank you to all of our customers and our amazing volunteers for making this possible.

Earlier this year (31st July) we attended an amazing event at Cycall adapted cycling. The event was Circus 4 Cycall.Nick Cook and his team did a marathon ride around Cycalls circuit on his GIANT stilt bike & his 36" wheeled uni-cycle. Go check out Nick Cook-circus entertainer on Facebook. We were very happy to donate  £1000 on a giant cheque after the challenge was completed.

We were also able to donate a 24" wheeled trike which was raffled off on the day.

We are very happy to announce the recipient of our end of year cash donation of £1000

This year 2020 it is Home-Start. They are based in Arundel and cover Arun, Worthing and Adur. They are a charity providing help and support for Children, Families and Parents.

Check out the amazing things they do on their website :-