About us

What is DCCP?

Durrington Community Cycle Project C.I.C. (DCCP) is wholly charitable organisation set up to provide and maintain a fully equipped cycle workshop for free use by the community with the support of volunteer skilled mechanics.

A C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and regulated by the C.I.C. Regulator to ensure DCCP carries out its stated charitable obligations.

What do we do?

  • Offer the young, un-employed and low-income participants as well as the wider community, access to free use of donated bicycles as a means of sustainable transport.
  • Encourage a hands-on approach to cycle ownership by giving basic maintenance know-how to participants, as they would be expected to fix their own bikes or prepare a donated one for themselves or others with the guidance of volunteer skilled mechanics.
  • Provide participants with a fully equipped cycle workshop to enable all levels of repair to be carried out.
  • Wherever possible, provide recycled parts from donated bikes to participants. However, some new parts may have to be purchased by the participants.
  • Seek out and recycle donated bikes / parts.
  • Economically repair donated bikes and offer them for sale to the community at reasonable prices to fund DCCP.
  • Encourage cycling as a lifestyle activity and a sustainable means of transport in the community and surrounding area.
Meet the teamTestimonials

Opening Times

Wednesdays and Saturdays 10:00am – 4:00pm

Meet the team

John ( 2023 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Champion )


A huge thank you to the volunteer team that helped me get my son's bike fixed with a new gear cable today.

We are so lucky to have this local service and I'll be recommending you!

I'm very grateful as I had no clue what to do, thanks again.

Rachael Dines 29/3/23

Took our kid to to get a new bike and was surprised by the range available.

Staff/Volunteers were really helpful in finding one the right size. Even straightened out our basket and put it on the new bike.

Claire Lucas 15/3/23

Took my 7yr old grandson to the fabulous cycle project today as he wanted to learn how to fix his bike.

Absolutely lovely team, patient and kind and he loved it. Couldn't wait to tell daddy and mummy all about.

Thank you guys. You made his day. Brilliant project. Well done xx

Zena Jones 30/7/22

What a fantastic project! Great service, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you

Kirsty Meddins 27/7/22

What a lovely bunch of volunteers who know so much on bikes & helped my son fix his bike.

Really recommend the help & support they gave.

Andrew Wakeford 7/8/21

Great professional and helpful service.

Dan Wheele 14/4/21

The team at Durrington Community Cycle Project CIC are an amazing group of people and do so much to support cycling and the local community.

All of us here at Cyclo Analysis wish them all the best for their well earned break, and hope to see you all in the New Year.

Stay safe, ride safe and have fun..

Cyclo Analysis 19/12/20

Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you so much for helping me with my bike.

Paula Adams 19/12/20

What an amazing find and place to support.

Everyone so friendly and helpful so patient and kind.

Everyone there makes you feel so welcome.

Highly recommended this place and all their team that give up their time.Thank you for helping my lad.

Jayne Allwright 7/12/19

Went today to buy a bmx for our son.Can't fault the service. Plenty of choice. If you are looking for a really good second hand bike I strongly recommend to make this your first port of call!

Jacco mulder 27/11/19

I purchased a bike today for my special needs daughter and with help, support and encouragement  even in the rain, she learnt to ride a bike!! Thank you to Paul and Mark and everyone involved you have made our day/year - Amazing place to purchase a bike at an outstandingly great price with loads of help. I can't recommend it enough -tr

Shelby Marti 29/4/19

I took my girlfriend's bike in to be looked at and Mark was really helpful, he gave me loads of tips and replaced a few bits.I'll definitely be going back in the future. What the guys are doing here is incredible and as a community we are lucky to have them to help  people who need bikes.Couldn't recommend them enough.

Lee Harry Fairclough 20/4/19

Very friendly people,helped my son for 2 hrs to fix various issues with his bike. Now runs like a dream and my son is very proud that he was able to fix it himself with some help. Thank you!

Lacey Dawn 31/3/19

Drove from Dorset to DCCP today to pick up a bike I bought. Well what an amazing place doing amazing things. So many bikes to choose and a great variety.  Very helpful staff and look forward to buying from them again.

Barry Godfrey 9/1/19

What a great place! These guys & girls really know their stuff & go way above & beyond a service that you'd pay for. They spent over an hour sorting my son's bike for FREE, I only paid for parts. My son learnt loads too. So lucky to have this in Worthing & will be back with my other son & his bike. Thanks very, very much DCCP.

Jacquie Beardon 16/2/19

Very helpful,Knowledgeable and friendly. I only went in for some help with my chain and together we sorted the chain, brakes and tyres. I've learnt a lot about maintaining and fixing my bike as well.

Helen Skingley 16/12/18

Many thanks to Ian and Chris for helping me sort my bike out this Saturday. By my standards this was major surgery,they got me to work with them to replace the triple chainwheel, the sprocket set and chain, then we did the brake adjustment.Anyone getting back on an old bike should visit the cycle project because no matter how careful a rider you are, the bike needs to function properly. These guys have infinite knowledge and patience ensuring safe riding.

John Adlam 1/Jul/2018

Many thanks Mark for fixing my bike this morning and giving it a service for me. It was a daunting task of replacing the rear inner tube,you made it look so easy taking the rear wheel off, a task i feel i now could do on my own..........ish. Talking me through each procedure gave me a bit more understanding of bike maintenance. I thought I'd need a new bike,but mine was saved from the scrap heap to ride another day!

Overall a Fantastic service, Very friendly and helpful team and well worth a visit. And to think that it's run by volunteers too.

Thank you Mark.


Paula Adams 27/oct/2018

Brilliant little gem of a place! Helped my 2 sons with a gear issue on their bikes that i couldn't sort out, also decided that the brake handle on one of the bikes wasn't safe so changed that as well.

David John Ciaron Pynn 26/oct/ 2018